Snow Forecasted

News agencies across the country are warning of a band of snow and cold weather that could hit the UK towards the end of the week. Experts say it is due to reach the highs of Scotland and Northern Ireland on Wednesday and move across the rest of the UK throughout Thursday. 

The initial cold weather is said to be mainly cold with showers, however, these showers could turn to snow later in the week.

As the Met Office has also issued a weather warning for snow from Wednesday, it is a great time to prepare for any eventuality and stock up on de-icing salt before the band of cold weather comes in. Whether it’s a company car park, shop front or a small drive we have our covered with our range of salt products available.

Give our team a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to discuss your requirements further and provide a quote. Let us help keep you safe this winter with our competitive quotes!

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