Winter 2012 - 2013 So Far

Online Rock Salt experienced a busy pre season in the lead up to Christmas. The cold weather at the end of November and beginning of December ensured that people began preparing for the winter ahead. 

However, since then the weather has turned milder and heavy rain and floods have swept the UK. Despite the wet weather it is important not to forget that there are still two months of winter left. With such variable weather recently it is still vital to be prepared for another sudden cold snap.

Even as Spring returns in March the threat of wintery showers remains as temperatures have been known to drop close to freezing for Easter. In fact, according to the Met Office website, statistically there is more chance of a white Easter than a white Christmas! This year Easter will be early on March 31st meaning an even higher chance of adverse weather. Last year Easter was in April and the Met Office had to issue severe weather warnings as 8 inches of snow was forecast to fall over the country. In 1983 the snowiest Easter was recorded as parts of Scotland, the Midlands and Kent saw wintery showers and with the extreme weather we’ve been having recently, 2013 could be in for another record snow fall.

With such unpredictable weather last year it is important to be prepared for whenever the weather takes a turn for the worse. In the past snow has even been recorded as falling in June and cold weather is still common in May. With Online Rock Salt's partnership with Salt & Grit in Scotland going from strength to strength it means that when the cold temperatures do return, de-icing salt is available across the UK.

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