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Rock De-Icing Salt

Cost effective salt that provides greater natural traction and grip.

White De-Icing Salt

High quality, granulated white salt. Ideal for de-icing areas with foot traffic.


Are you prepared for what winter might throw at us this year?

Winter is now upon us and if it is anything like previous years there’s no predicting what the weather will do. However, you can make sure you’re prepared for anything with Online Rock Salt’s great range of de-icing salt. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of our low prices and ensure you’re not caught out by the snow and ice. Last year’s winter was a lot milder than average, but don’t count on the same for this year!

Our brown rock salt is perfect for a variety of de-icing needs and conforms to BS 3247 : 1991. The Highways Agency uses the same product so you can be confident in the knowledge that you have bought a safe and reliable de-icer for winter. We can also provide white de-icing salt, which we source directly, so that you are always getting the best possible price. Either of these products will help you stay safe throughout the winter.

All our salt is supplied in a variety of ways and bag sizes – from handy 10kg packs to larger packs which are great for stockpiling. At Online Rock Salt we have spent all summer preparing so, when the temperatures do fall, we can make sure the essential de-icing salt is with our customers the very next day! Simply let us know your salt requirements and we’ll fulfil them at the best possible price and terms.

There are great offers across our whole range of rock salt products and we can offer credit to larger organisations looking to stock up for the season. Don’t forget we can also provide you with grit bins and salt spreaders, making winter easier than ever to tackle head on!

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