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  • De icing salt summer priceSummer Savings on De-Icing Salt19/04/2024Stay ahead of winter's chill by stocking up on de-icing salt in advance.Continue reading
  • The Benefits Of De Icing BrineBattling Frost: The Benefits of De-Icing Brine05/12/2023Online Rock Salt explains why their ‘Ice Thaw’ brine is your one stop solution to effective and effortless de-icing this winter.Continue reading
  • Kim spreading saltHow Much Salt do I Need?Guide to minimum effective application rates of rock and white de-icing salt.Continue reading
  • Shipment Reaches Port TnGlobal Shipping Crisis Impacts UK De-Icing Salt Supply25/10/2021The impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic can be seen across the world, one of the more unexpected might be the supply of de-icing salt.Continue reading
  • How to deice car thumbHow to deice your car properly, without damaging the windscreen13/11/2020Frozen windscreens are no doubt a dreaded sight for the early morning commuter and can throw a spanner in the works for your routine.Continue reading
  • Gritting information thumbYour Local Gritting Information & Weather Alerts19/10/2020Simply search for the name of your local council below and get the most up to date information available, straight from your local authority.Continue reading
  • Traveling safely in winter thumbTraveling Safely in Winter09/09/2020In this blog we will cover some of the best tips you can use to help improve winter safetyContinue reading
  • Ors covid updateCovid-19 Update14/08/2020We are continuously reviewing Government updates and taking steps to ensure the safety of our employees and customers.Continue reading
  • Pink Salt ThumbWhat is Pink Salt? Does it Have any Benefits?22/11/2019What exactly is pink salt? Where does it come from? Are the rumours true about its health benefits?Continue reading
  • Brexit Preparation ThumbnailBrexit Preparation02/10/2019We have taken the steps to ensure that we will have a healthy supply of rock salt throughout the winter.Continue reading
  • Uses Of Rock Salt ThumbUses for Rock Salt23/09/2019Throughout history, rock salt has been used for a wide variety of things – far from just seasoning your dinner!Continue reading
  • Weather Updates ThumbWeather Updates07/08/2019Check here for the latest winter weather updatesContinue reading
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