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  • Weather Updates Thumb Weather Updates 07/08/2019 Check here for the latest winter weather updates Continue reading
  • Uk Snow Thumbnial UK Snow: Why the UK Struggles & How to Prepare 07/02/2019 UK Snow: Why the UK Struggles & How to Prepare Continue reading
  • Ssw Thumb Will the Beast from the east return in 2019? 15/01/2019 Freezing temperatures are due to arrive at the end of January, will the Beast return in 2019? Continue reading
  • Bulk Thumbnail More efficient bulk rock salt enquiries 20/12/2018 For bulk users, simply complete our enquiry form and a member of the team will be in touch with you shortly Continue reading
  • Weather Update Thumbnail Will It Snow This Year? When Will It Snow In The UK? 13/11/2018 ​The question on everybody’s lips as summer draws to a close is will it snow this year? Continue reading
  • Winter Safety 28 Top 5 Tips To Stay Safe This Winter 18/10/2018 With the cold weather fast approaching, take a look at these 5 tips to see you through safely. Continue reading
  • Road Grit 24 Why Do We Grit Roads? 28/09/2018 If you are unfortunate enough to live in a place where temperatures are often below 0° you may have seen lorries spreading rock salt on the ground. Continue reading
  • Summer Grit Thumb Gritting the Roads During a Heatwave? 31/07/2018 Councils consider deploying rock salt across the streets during the heatwave the UK is currently experiencing this summer. Continue reading
  • Salt Updates Thumb Salt Supply Updates 23/07/2018 Check here for all of the latest news and information on our current stock levels and when a new shipment is due. Continue reading
  • Driving In Snow Thumb How to Drive in Snow Safely 13/07/2018 Here are some of our top tips and advice to drive safely in the snow. Continue reading
  • Euro Exchange White 1 White Salt & Exchange Rates 06/10/2017 Cost of salt across the board is on the climb, the effect of diminishing exchange rates, & what this means for British Rock Salt Continue reading
  • Polish Salt Mine Wieliczka Salt Mine 28/11/2016 The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most impressive, tourist friendly Rock Salt Mines in the world. We delve into why and what makes it so good. Continue reading
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