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  • Freezing Winter Predicted Tn Snow Forecasted 10/01/2017 News agencies across the country are warning of a band of snow and cold weather that could hit the UK towards the end of the week. Continue reading
  • Polish Salt Mine Wieliczka Salt Mine 28/11/2016 The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most impressive, tourist friendly Rock Salt Mines in the world. We delve into why and what makes it so good. Continue reading
  • Snow Covered Scene The Polar Vortex 28/11/2016 Experts are predicting this winter might just be a cold one due to the phenomenon called The Polar Vortex. We discuss in more detail here. Continue reading
  • Facts And Figures Tn Black Friday and White Christmas 15/11/2016 As we approach the festive period of the year, it's best to be cautious and remain safe as winter can statistically be a dangerous time of year. Continue reading
  • Shipment Reaches Port Tn Ship Arrives at Ellesmere Port 20/09/2016 Winter planning is well under way, with 20th September marking the day that a new ship, full to the brim with salt, arrives at Ellesmere Port. Continue reading
  • White Salt Vs Rock Salt Tn Rock Salt Vs White Salt What's the difference between White and Rock Salt and which one will suit your needs best? Continue reading
  • Online Rocksalt Prepares For Winter 2017 Tn Preperation For Winter 2016/17 15/09/2016 As the winter season is upon us, preparations are now underway to ensure that we are fully stocked for the upcoming cold weather. Continue reading
  • Full Loads Available From Online Rocksalt After a Full Load of Salt? 15/09/2016 ​Along with our online shop, Online Rock Salt supply large customers for both resale and own use. If you need of a full load of salt, we can help. Continue reading
  • Online Rocksalt Launch New Website Tn New Website Launch 14/09/2016 Over the summer months, the team at Online Rock Salt have been working hard behind the scenes to improve our website ready for the season ahead. Continue reading
  • Online Rocksalt Form Fill And Seal Form, Fill and Seal Introducing our form, fill and seal bagging plant which happens to also be mobile. Continue reading
  • Online Rocksalt Robotic Bagging Plant Robotic Bagging Line Take a look at our new robotic bagging line that's making our packing process much more efficient. Continue reading
  • Online Rocksalt Robot Palletizer Robot Palletizer System This video goes through the process involved with palletising white and rock salt. Continue reading
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