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  • Pink Salt Thumb What is Pink Salt? Does it Have any Benefits? 22/11/2019 What exactly is pink salt? Where does it come from? Are the rumours true about its health benefits? Continue reading
  • Brexit Preparation Thumbnail Brexit Preparation 02/10/2019 We have taken the steps to ensure that we will have a healthy supply of rock salt throughout the winter. Continue reading
  • Uses Of Rock Salt Thumb Uses for Rock Salt 23/09/2019 Throughout history, rock salt has been used for a wide variety of things – far from just seasoning your dinner! Continue reading
  • Weather Updates Thumb Weather Updates 07/08/2019 Check here for the latest winter weather updates Continue reading
  • Uk Snow Thumbnial UK Snow: Why the UK Struggles & How to Prepare 07/02/2019 UK Snow: Why the UK Struggles & How to Prepare Continue reading
  • Ssw Thumb Will the Beast from the east return in 2019? 15/01/2019 Freezing temperatures are due to arrive at the end of January, will the Beast return in 2019? Continue reading
  • Bulk Thumbnail More efficient bulk rock salt enquiries 20/12/2018 For bulk users, simply complete our enquiry form and a member of the team will be in touch with you shortly Continue reading
  • Weather Update Thumbnail Will It Snow This Year? When Will It Snow In The UK? 13/11/2018 ​The question on everybody’s lips as summer draws to a close is will it snow this year? Continue reading
  • Winter Safety 28 Top 5 Tips To Stay Safe This Winter 18/10/2018 With the cold weather fast approaching, take a look at these 5 tips to see you through safely. Continue reading
  • Road Grit 24 Why Do We Grit Roads? 28/09/2018 If you are unfortunate enough to live in a place where temperatures are often below 0° you may have seen lorries spreading rock salt on the ground. Continue reading
  • Summer Grit Thumb Gritting the Roads During a Heatwave? 31/07/2018 Councils consider deploying rock salt across the streets during the heatwave the UK is currently experiencing this summer. Continue reading
  • Salt Updates Thumb Salt Supply Updates 23/07/2018 Check here for all of the latest news and information on our current stock levels and when a new shipment is due. Continue reading
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