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How We Deliver

Online Rock Salt delivers hundreds of orders across the UK each week via a third party haulage company that offer a nationwide service.

The deliveries are typically made on by an 18 tonne truck, with the pallet being lowered to the kerb side via tail lift and manoeuvred into position with a pump pallet truck.

Occasionally, deliveries can be made to a driveway if this is a flat, solid surface with no gradient. However, if not, deliveries are made kerb side as per the haulage companies contractual agreement. Where the pallet is placed is at the discretion of the deliver driver and whether they deem it safe to do so. The deliver drivers are typically very accommodating and will help meet customer requirements as much as possible.

We understand not all our customers live on main roads and access to the property can be difficult. We are able to request for your order to be delivered on a smaller vehicle, typically the size of a bin lorry, if you think it may help. This vehicle is usually able to travel wherever your rubbish collectors do when they make their rounds.

If you have any queries with out delivery process, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be more than happy to help and answer your questions where possible.

How We Deliver

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