Salt Basics

  • Facts And Figures Tn Rock Salt Facts and Figures The UK uses large amounts of Rock Salt each year. Find some of the lesser known and interesting facts here. Continue reading
  • Rock Salt Tn What Is Rock Salt? Rock Salt is used daily in a wide array of industries, but where does it come from and how was it discovered? Continue reading
  • Sardinian White Salt Tn Sardinian White Salt We import White Salt directly from Sardinia to ensure we can match demand, regardless of the weather. Continue reading
  • White Salt Vs Rock Salt Tn Rock Salt Vs White Salt What's the difference between White and Rock Salt and which one will suit your needs best? Continue reading
  • Grit Bin Tn Grit Bins Grit bins available in a variety of sizes or as complete winter kits. Everything you need for the winter months. Continue reading
  • Salt Information Sheets Information Sheets Rock Salt product data and handling sheets. If you need further information please contact us. Continue reading
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