Glasgow Based Salt and Grit Solutions Go National

Salt and Grit Solutions are excited to announce they are entering into a new partnership with Online Rock Salt to take their brand national. The two companies are joining forces to improve national coverage of de-icing salt. The Glasgow based Salt and Grit Solutions will now be able to add Birmingham and Liverpool to their list of distribution centres.

This new partnership will bring guaranteed supplies of de-icing salt nationwide as we move into the winter months. Economies of scale will mean that customers will also benefit from better deals.Both companies are set to benefit from the joining of valuable expertise as they pool their resources together.

We are very excited to be able to make our distribution more competitive, across the UK.

Ian Mercer, MD.

We are delighted with this new partnership and are looking forward to a busy season. Our already excellent location has been improved further with this joining of companies, giving us a much bigger presence in the market place.

James and Angela Smith, Joint MD's.

Salt and Grit Solutions are based in Glasgow’s King George V Docks and, with the new deal even larger, 12,000 ton ships, will be able to deliver white de-icing salt to their portside location. From the dockside it will go to their state of the art bagging system, allowing the company a packing capacity of 70,000 bags per day.

Salt and Grit Solutions have also launched a brand new website,, to help make the customer experience even better as the busy winter season begins.

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