Is Online Rock Salt the company name?
Will I receive an invoice or receipt?
What do I do with the pallet?
Do I have to be home when the delivery is made?
How is the rock salt delivered?
Do you deliver Saturdays?
Can I specify a time?
How much notice do I need to give for delivery?
Do you deliver to where I live?
Do you supply salt for resale?
When should I expect my delivery?
Do you supply loose salt?
Do you accept purchase orders?
What do the bulk bags weigh?
Can the salt be used in dishwashers, as water softener, or in baths?
Do you have a minimum order?
What do the large packs weigh?
Is the salt edible?
Is de-icing salt safe?
How do I use the salt?
How should I store the salt?
What is the difference between rock and white salt?
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