Is Online Rock Salt the company name?
No, Online Rock Salt is a trading name of NWT Supplies Ltd (company number. 09395474 | vat reg. 207484801)
Will I receive an invoice or receipt?
The confirmation email is your invoice and receipt. For a VAT receipt please email and include your postcode and order number.
What do I do with the pallet?
Unfortunately the haulier doesn’t re-collect the pallets, so we ask our customers to dispose of the pallet safely.
Do I have to be home when the delivery is made?
It can be arranged for the delivery to be left without a signature, we would need prior notice of this.
How is the rock salt delivered?
The delivery is made kerb side, using a tail lift offload. The pallet is manoeuvred using a pallet pump truck. Goods are generally delivered to the kerb side or front of your property.
Do you deliver Saturdays?
Yes, although Saturdays incur a £30 surcharge. If you would like your order to be delivered on a Saturday, just give our team a call and we will arrange it for you.
Can I specify a time?
You can specify A.M (before 13:00), there is however an additional charge of £10 for this service. If you wish to choose this service simply select AM from the drop down box as you checkout.
How much notice do I need to give for delivery?
As long as your order is received before 2PM, you are eligible for next day delivery - or select a delivery date when you checkout.
When should I expect my delivery?
Deliveries are made between 8AM and 6PM on the day of your choice (selected during the checkout process and confirmed in the order confirmation email). Obviously, if you’ve selected the additional AM delivery service your order will be with you as soon as possible on your chosen date.
Do you deliver to where I live?
It can snow anywhere so we deliver anywhere! Simply select the postcode where you want the delivery.
Do you supply salt for resale?
Yes, we have bags designed for resale. They include product information but do not have our contact details.
Do you supply loose salt?
Yes, we supply both rock salt and grit salt in loose loads if required. Loose, tipped bulk loads are normally 29 tons. It is possible to order 20 tons but this usually works out more expensive per ton so if you’ve got space go for a 29 ton load. Please contact us and we will happily arrange your order and answer any questions you may have.
Do you accept purchase orders?
Yes, please email your purchase order to or fax it to 0844 579 6956. If you are a public sector organisation we can set you up with an account, if not we ask you to complete a credit application form first.
What do the bulk bags weigh?
Again, these are not sold by weight, but are approximately 900kg.
Do you have a minimum order?
Yes, for our large packs it is 10 bags and for out 10kg bags it is 25.
Can the salt be used in dishwashers, as water softener, or in baths?
No, the salt is only intended to be used for de-icing and we would not recommend using it for anything else.
What do the large packs weigh?
These are not sold by weight but are approximately 23-24kg.
Is the salt edible?
No, it is only intended for de-icing and must not be used in the food chain under any circumstances.
Is de-icing salt safe?
Both rock and white salt are unlikely to cause harmful effects under normal conditions of handling and use.
How do I use the salt?
Ideally you should use the salt to prevent the build up of snow and ice. If cold weather is forecast, spread the salt evenly over the area that you want to keep ice free. If necessary, the salt can also be applied directly on top of snow and ice to melt it.
How should I store the salt?
The salt should be stored undercover and out of direct sunlight. Kept in these conditions the salt will last many years.
What is the difference between rock and white salt?
The brown rock salt is mined from underground, whilst the white salt is taken directly from sea water. This means the brown salt will leave behind a muddy residue, but it is more economical to buy. The white salt, although more expensive, will help prevent any grit being walked into buildings.
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