Staying Safe This Winter

As the winter weather is looming, we thought it would be timely to provide a few hints and tips to stay safe this winter in the form of an infographic.

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Info graphic Transcription

Staying safe this winter:

As the winter weather starts to creep in, here at Online Rock Salt, we thought we'd provide a few tips for staying safe this winter. You never know, one of the tips might get you out of a slippy situation!

Handy tips:

  • Remember to turn off fog lights as soon as conditions improve
  • make sure to turn off wipers as if they are frozen, this could damage the motor below or the fuse
  • use lukewarm water to defrost windows and mirrors. Do not use hot or boiling water as this can damage the windscreen
  • When temperatures dip below 7°C, the compound used in normal car tyres hardens, causing them to lose grip.
  • Allow more time in the morning when the ice sets in for de-icing your car and to drive more carefully.
  • Before setting off, have a clear plan for your route, also let someone know where you plan to go in case of any issues
  • Sunglasses can help reduce glare of low winter sun on the snow
  • During winter the sun sits lower in the sky and at a different angle, which means you can be exposed to more ultraviolet light
  • Only drive if absolutely necessary in poor weather conditions
  • Carry a mobile phone that is fully charged in case of emergency if your car breaks down in bad weather
  • If visibility is limited, wind down windows at junctions and crossroads to allow you to listen out for approaching traffic. If visibility is very poor, consider stopping until safe to continue.
  • Cyclists should male sure they are visible at all times, especially in conditions such as fog and heavy rain/snow
  • In dark or low light conditions, cyclists should always wear reflective clothing and ensure you have effective, working lights
  • motorists should be more aware of cyclists and give them plenty of room when passing

What we offer?

At Online Rock Salt we offer white and rock salt to the general public, schools, universities and local businesses. This is offered in bulk bags, pre-packed 25kg/ large bags/ 4kg and also bulk loads.

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