Battling Frost: The Benefits of De-Icing Brine

As winter approaches, the battle against icy conditions re-emerges, but this time there’s a new contender to add to your de-icing arsenal. De-icing Brine is an efficient and practical solution to combatting frosty conditions- the powerful liquid solution is a mixture of salt and water that can be poured directly onto snow and ice for immediate thawing.

Easy Application

One of the defining qualities of de-icing brine is its rapid application. Unlike traditional de-icing salt that needs to physically spread, de-icing liquid can be directly sprayed onto icy surfaces, allowing for a rapid and evenly- distributed coverage.

Ice-Thaw’s rapid thawing properties makes it the most efficient contender for both prevention and immediate melting of ice and frost, reducing the risk of slips, trips and falls. Simply transfer the liquid into a watering can or manual/mechanical sprayer and apply directly onto area.

How To Use DeIcing Brine


De-Icing brine provides reliable performance across various temperatures and icy areas. Not only is the solution a rapid reactionary tool against frosty conditions but it can also be a powerful preventative measure.

When applied in advance of freezing conditions, the liquid can form a protective layer, acting as a surface barrier against ice. You can stay ahead of the game this winter by using Ice-Thaw Brine as a shield against freezing temperatures and frost.

A typical mixture of de-icing brine consists of about 77% water & 23% salt- the addition of salt ensures that the freezing point of the liquid is significantly lowered. 



If you’re worried about the environmental impact of using regular de-icing salt, then Ice Thaw Brine is your eco-friendly alternative.

Its liquid form means that the product is more effective, covering a larger radius with a lesser amount of product. The liquid mixture of both water & salt means that you get to use less salt for better results, which is great for both your de-icing needs and for the planet. Using De-icing Brine also reduces the amount of residue left behind, meaning less longstanding effects on ecosystems.

Icethaw De-Icing Solutions

Icethaw brine 20l front

Our specially formulated IceThaw Brine rapidly melts ice and snow, making it easier to maintain safe pathways, driveways, car parks, and more.

  • Clear away slippery surfaces without compromising the well-being of people, pets, or the environment.
  • Simply apply using a watering can or sprayer for quick and efficient ice removal
  • Suitable for home driveways, walkways, commercial properties and car parks.
  • Sold in 20l cans & 1000l IBC’s.

Our specially formulated IceThaw Ultra - Low Corrosive Liquid De-Icer swiftly melts ice and snow, whilst being as corrosive as rainwater. Perfect for environments where corrosion is a concern, including around metal structures, vehicles, and equipment.

  • Clear away slippery, corrosion sensitive surfaces without compromising the well-being of people, pets, or the environment.
  • Simply pour or spray for a quick and hassle-free ice removal process. 
  • Suitable for various applications, including safeguarding vehicles, outdoor equipment and metal structures.
  • Sold in 20l cans & 1000l IBC’s.
Icethaw ultra 20l front

When tackling the incoming cold climate, make sure you’re equipped with the most efficient and powerful de-icers available: Ice Thaw Brine & Ice Thaw Ultra.

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