Black Friday and White Christmas

We are approaching the festive period of the year, traditionally an eventful end to the calendar year. However, the winter time can also statistically be a dangerous time of year. So it is important as ever to remain safe.

Although Black Friday is traditionally an American craze, the phenomenon in recent years has hit the UK, sparking Brits to hit the streets on the last Friday of November, hunting for the best discounted items and random television sets they probably do not need. Some large retailers have actually pulled out of future Black Friday Sales due to violence caused by crazed shoppers. Online shopping can be a much more pleasant and safer method of getting this year best deals. 

De-icing salt may not be on the top of an everyday shopping list this Black Friday, but for people in the coldest areas of the UK, as well as businesses, our de-icing salt can be a necessity. So here at Online Rock Salt we always look at providing the best available price - no matter the time of year. So if you have any requirements this winter we are here to help. 

The cost of white de-icing salt has risen due to harsh exchange rates as a result of the EU referendum; however we are always looking at where possible to match previous year’s prices. We are also always looking at ways to reduce the cost in bulk ordering for our customers.

Although the majority of people harmlessly wish for a white Christmas, this period is also considered the most dangerous time of the year for British roads.  The annual fatality rate has dropped over the last decade; however it has remained steady at approximately 1750 deaths each year since 2012. Significant cold weather can see the figure rise dramatically. With a quarter of these deaths being pedestrians it is not just the traditional vehicle users that are at risk.

To prepare for this time of year it is best to stock your de-icing salt in advance - as change in weather can be dramatic and unexpected. To help with this we offer UK delivery up until the 23rd December, and some areas even offering last minute deliveries on the 24th.

So whether you need to de-ice your garden, pathway, street, neighbourhood, roads, company car parks and premises, industrial estates, or whole towns and cities there is no customer too large or small that Online Rock Salt cannot adapt and cater for.

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