Brexit Preparation

Due to the uncertain times we live in regarding a potential no deal Brexit & leaving the European Union on October the 31st, Online Rock Salt has taken the initiative to stockpile rock salt en masse to ensure that we will have a healthy supply of rock salt throughout the winter 2019/2020 season.

As our Rock Salt is in part sourced from a mine in Poland, we have taken these simple procedures to ensure that customers new and old can fully rely on us for their rock salt supply and keep their premises safe and reduce slipping hazards from ice and snow.

We currently have over 31,000 tonnes of de-icing rock salt in our reserves

We currently have over 31,000 tonnes of rock salt in our reserves and will be more than enough unless there is an exceptionally long period of sub-zero temperatures happens to grip the country, this however is exceptionally unlikely.

Managing Director, Ian Mercer had this to say on the matter: “Normally, we keep just a few thousand tonnes of rock salt and use the weather reports to gauge how much more we will require later on in the year and place another order so we aren’t over stocked. However, if a no deal Brexit occurs, it would make placing another order more difficult and it may not be arrive on time. This is why we are taking measures to ensure that we will have enough stock for the entire winter.”

Although it is important to stay calm during times of uncertainty, we have taken simple steps to ensure that we will have a healthy supply of rock and white marine salt available throughout the winter.

If you are planning ahead for the winter 2019 season, why not top up your rock salt supply now and beat the winter rush. Click here to view our products. We can supply brown rock salt & white marine salt in loose loads as well as a variety of pre-packaged sizes – 25kg large packs as well as handy 10kg bags.

Bulk Orders:

For orders of 10 pallets or over, please refer to our bulk order form and a member of the team will be in touch shortly with a quote. Click here to go to the form

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