Online Rock Salt Renews Supply Contract with Major Supermarket

The last few winters have been mild with limited snow fall and fewer frost events than you would normally expect, especially in the South East of England and London where the majority of the population actually lives. Rock Salt is one of those items that few people actually ever give much thought, until it’s needed urgently.

Saying that rock salt supply is seasonal does not really cover how difficult planning supply actually is. Christmas trees are a great example of seasonal products, rock salt is not. De-icing salt suppliers face a completely unpredictable demand for their products.

It doesn’t actually feel all that long ago we saw some truly frightening headlines “Death-trap fear as salt runs low” (thank you BBC), “Grit supplies to run out in days as roads will turn into death traps” (yep, it’s the Daily Mail). If we are honest the UK as a whole is dreadful at coping with winter weather, still it has allowed our continental friends some slightly smug headlines over the years. “Londres sucumbre a la nieve” which roughly translates as “London succumbs to snow” (Elmundo, Spain).

Despite the unpredictability of the de-icing business we still do our very best to plan ahead for the winter and an important part of this is working with distribution partners. Here at Online Rock Salt we have just renewed our contract to supply a major supermarket chain in the UK we’ve worked with for several years. We’re really pleased to continue this relationship, it reflects both the professionalism of the team at our head office and that of our suppliers from the salt mine all the way through to the haulier at the delivery point.

Work here will continue over the coming few months ahead of the winter season pushing our brand out to as many potential buyers as possible. If you are a buyer looking at filling a gap in your winter range for 2015/16 why not contact us?

Online Rock Salt keeps a stock level sufficient to supply several years of ‘normal’ winter demand allowing us to meet the need of exceptional winters as and when they arise. Who knows what the winter weather will bring this year, still whatever happens it gives us all something to talk about, we love nothing more than that in the UK!

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