Online Rock Salt wins contract with Devon and Cornwall County Council

After months of steady preparation for the upcoming winter, Online Rock Salt is pleased to announce a new contract to supply Devon and Cornwall County Council with salt. The contract will run until 2014 at the earliest.

With increasingly difficult winters over the last two years, many councils are wisely making preparations to procure rock salt from a variety of sources. To complement this, Online Rock Salt has also been steadily increasing its ability to cater for larger companies and organisations by buying larger amounts of salt significantly earlier. The company has also invested in new bagging plants and machinery to make production quicker and more efficient, meaning that service can be personalised to the individual and sometimes complex needs of the customer.

We are delighted to be able to help Devon and Cornwall County Council with their rock salt needs this year. We are now able to supply salt all around the country - even to Lands End! As summer draws to a close, we hope many more organisations are pro-active about their salt needs this winter.

Ian Mercer, MD.

Last winter, many schools had to close and businesses were disrupted due to a large volume of snow falling in the Devon and Cornwall regions. Although the main roads were gritted efficiently in what were very difficult conditions, it’s also important to make sure that subsidiary concerns also receive a gritting treatment with pre-packed bagged salt. It is here that companies like Online Rock Salt are best placed to help large organisations such as councils, keeping the country moving.

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