New line of Sturdy Grit Bins

Online Rock Salt have taken delivery of an exciting new line of grit bins for the storage of de-icing salt in all weathers, ready for dispatch now!

Many customers find storing rock salt to be a difficult proposition; it needs to kept somewhere dry, but also needs to be easily accessible in case of extreme weather in difficult locations. Grit bins have been a common sight on public highways for some time now, but many private houses and businesses are seeing the advantage of having a grit bin on their own property.

Online Rock Salt’s new range of grit bins this year has several important advantages for both the customer and for the local economy. The grit bins have been made by Excelsior, a UK business based in Bury. Buying locally has enabled Online Rock Salt to ensure that the grit bins are made to the high specifications that their customers require, as well as supporting local firms in difficult economic times. In terms of the grit bin specifications, these grit bins are sturdy enough to deal with both rough handling and poor weather conditions, and are fully lockable for the benefit of anyone who may have security concerns.

The grit bins come in two sizes - 200L and 400L. These sizes deliberately correlate with pack sizes sold by Online Rock Salt meaning that customers can buy grit bins and salt in a value pack and quickly and easily know the storage limitations of the bins.

We’re really pleased with this new product line. I hope that customers will find the new products useful, and that we’ll have some great sales figures. These grit bins are really robust, so they’ll be able to cope with the heavy duty use our customers need. Any customers buying a grit bin as well as de-icing salt should get one of our grit bin packs, the most cost effective way to buy.

Ian Mercer, MD.

The grit bins are available now, and anyone looking for more details should visit Online Rock Salt staff are available on 01695 425 038 for any customers with any questions or looking to place an order.

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