Summer Savings on De-Icing Salt

With summer just around the corner, stocking up on de-icing salt might not be at the top of your shopping list. However, with our summer prices, now is the perfect time to increase your supply. 


As temperatures drop and demand surges during the colder months, prices for de-icing salt tend to increase. By purchasing ahead of time during the summer months, you can take advantage of lower prices and save yourself time and money.

It's a proactive approach that provides peace of mind knowing that you're prepared for those overnight cold snaps.

It's easy to overlook the importance of preparing for winter when the sun is shining but being proactive now can save you from potential accidents later in the year.

Schools, Hospitals, Businesses and homeowners alike can benefit from having de-icing salt on hand to ensure optimal safety during winter weather hazards. 

When icy conditions arise, our de-icing salt can prevent slips, trips and falls.

White salt 10 full pallet


If you’re worried about where to store your supply of de-icing salt over the summer, then we’ve got some top tips on effective & safe storage methods.

By following these recommendations, you can ensure that your salt doesn’t clump, degrade or lose efficacy:

400l grit bin
  • Store in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight.

  • Keep in an airtight container or bags to protect it from moisture.

  • Ensure the salt is kept out of reach from children, pets and food to prevent accidental ingestion

Why Marine Salt?

When it comes to choosing the right de-icing salt, our White Marine Salt stands out as a premium option for winter safety.

It offers powerful de-icing in the toughest conditions and is cleaner than standard de-icing salt, meaning you’ve got safer pathways with none of the mess.

Our granulated salt is treated with an anti-caking agent making it suitable for long term storage & ready to use when you need it most.

Available in quarter, half and full pallet quantities of our Bulk, 25kg and 10kg bags.

For larger orders, you can contact us via our Bulk Delivery Enquiry Form.

White salt bulk bag

So don’t wait until winter is upon us to think about de-icing salt.

Seize our summer savings now to stock up and be ready when winter hits.

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