Top 5 Tips To Stay Safe This Winter

With winter fast approaching, now is the time to make preparations for the colder months! In this blog, we will discuss some simple tips you can do to ensure that you and others around you stay safe this winter.

1: Grit roads & walkways wherever necessary

By applying a generous amount of rock salt to the ground, you can help melt the ice on the ground, making roads and pathways safer for all by reducing the chances of anybody slipping and falling over. White salt comes in handy for areas where people will be walking in & out of buildings, as brown rock salt leaves a slight residue that is more difficult to clean up when the ice has melted.

2: Stay wrapped up

When temperatures drop, if you venture outside - ensure you are wrapped up in your winter woollies! When exposed to lower temperatures for a long period of time, the risk of hypothermia is increased. Children and the elderly are particularly prone as well as those who work outdoors.

3: Ensure your car winter ready

Car accidents increase exponentially during the winter for obvious reasons, conditions can quickly become hazardous and without correct preparation,

  • Only journey when necessary
  • Car winter checklist
  • Keep emergency supplies in car
  • Winter tyres

If roads are particularly icy during the winter and your journey is essential, it is best to make sure that a family member or a friend knows where you are heading to just in case!

4: Winter proof your home

By taking simple steps you can make your home much more heat & energy efficient which will not only help reduce your heating bills but also preserve the life of some appliances.

  • Insulate water pipes. Pipe insulation is inexpensive & takes minutes to cut & install.
  • Insulate the loft: Loft insulation is incredibly effective at helping reduce the amount of heat that escapes as the heat in your home rises, meaning you can keep your home hotter for longer.
  • Install a smart thermostat: It is no surprise to see that smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular. Just installing one enables you to remotely control the heating and your home and it also learns from your behaviour to heat your home for when you arrive, and turn the heating off when you leave. For more winter proofing tips for your home, see our HouseFuel blog on the same topic here.

5: Beware fire hazards

In the run up to Christmas, many of us will often use Christmas lights & candles throughout the home. This may make the house look lovely, but it can also create a fire hazard that can quickly spread to a fire if not watched properly.

When putting up Christmas lights and electrical decorations, ensure that they have been recently pat tested for any faults. Candles and other open flames should never be left unattended for obvious reasons. Just one ember from a fire is all it takes for a fire to spread throughout the house.

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