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Online Rock Salt are leading grit salt suppliers and pack grit salt into large and bulk bags, it is also available loose tipped. If you’d like to take a quote click here.

Grit Salt is another name commonly used for Rock Salt. We are one of the leading UK suppliers of bagged grit salt to domestic and commercial customers, helping to de-ice paths and roads around the country.

How is grit salt formed?

Rock salt is a natural product, found underground where the remains of ancient dried-up saltwater seas have formed into salt crystals which are accessible only by mining. Online Rock Salt is supplied by the mine at Winsford, a small village in Cheshire with a mine that supplies nearly 60% of the country’s grit salt. The mine uses the most sophisticated modern mining techniques to bring grit salt to the surface, including a laser guided JOY excavator and mechanical drills and lift. Mining grit salt is very different to the traditional image of cramped dark areas and men with pickaxes! The nature of grit salt mines mean they resemble vast caverns, up to 20 metres wide.

Grit salt is only effective when kept as dry as possible. In the mine itself, the salt crystals suck the majority of the moisture out of the air, meaning that fully excavated areas of the Winsford mine are used to store items as diverse as works of art and paper records from the local council, secure in the knowledge that they won’t be affected by damp and moisture.

Grit salt remains the most commonly used method of removing ice and snow from the ground. All kinds of salt are effective at breaking up ice crystals, but grit salt is the preferred method for use in salt-spreading machines as long as the grit salt is kept dry. The grit salt also adds some friction to flat areas, making the ground better for tyres and shoes to grip on to.

Grit salt remains the most commonly used method of removing ice and snow from the ground.

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