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Robotic Bagging Line

Behind the scenes at Online Rock Salt, we have installed a brand new robotic bagging line that will massively improve productivity and increase our capacity allowing us to keep up with demand during the winter. Here is a little more info on how it works:

First, the salt arrives loose from a container that has been shipped from our supplier - Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland. The salt is moved with a digger from the container to the hopper of our new bagging line.

The robot takes the  packaging and quickly fills it with salt from the hopper above. The machine has been calibrated to ensure that each pack is filled with its capacity of approximately 25kg every time.

The full bags are moved to the next stage in the process, where the bags are sealed. Each bag passes through the sealer which does it's job by applying heat to the opening of the bag so the plastic slightly melts together.

Now the bag is full and sealed, it is ready to move to the palletiser, which gently stacks each bag on a pallet - ready to be sent to your door! 

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