New and Improved Robotic Bagging Line

It is exciting times at Online Rock Salt, as we have been hard at work behind the scenes to ensure that our new robotic bagging line is fully operational in time for the winter 2019 season. The new bagging line will massively improve productivity and increase our capacity allowing us to keep up with demand during the winter - we can even package 2 different bag sizes at the same time!

Here is a little more info on how it works:

First, the salt arrives the loose from a container that has been shipped from our supplier - Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland. The salt is moved with a digger from the container to the hopper of our new bagging line.

As the empty bags are primed and loaded, the hopper releases a set amount of rock salt into the empty bags below. The machine has been calibrated to ensure that each pack is filled with its the correct capacity for the chosen bag size every time. We can supply 10kg and 25kg large packs as well as loose bulk bags.

The full bags are filled, sealed and moved along the track towards the palletiser. The palletiser is a robotic arm that takes each bag and neatly stacks them one at a time onto a pallet.

When the pallet is full, it is sent along to the hooding machine. The hooding machine stretched out some plastic film - and applies it over the top of the pallet kind of like a hood. This protects the bags from the elements and will stop any bags falling off the pallet in transit.

Now the pallet is stacked and hooded, it will be loaded onto a truck with a forklift and sent off to be delivered to your door!

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