Online Rock Salt secures delivery of granulated white salt from Egypt

Earlier this year we secured 12,000 tonnes of rock salt from the mine in Winsford, Cheshire. The Winsford mine along with Cleveland Potash in the North East supply the vast majority of de-icing salt used in the UK and both are now fully committed to restocking local councils until at least December.

In the crisis last winter many salt suppliers distributed a lower quality product that was often little more than beach sand. Online Rock Salt never did this. When we ran out we simply stopped supplying rather than offering a poor quality product to our customers. Even now in the height of summer some companies are offering products that are a mixture of fine sand and salt, that are at best far less effective at de-icing.

To ensure that Online Rock Salt is able to cope with demand no matter how bad the coming winter, we needed a solution other than simply relying on the already stretched salt supplies within the UK.

A product that is equally as effective as rock salt at de-icing is white marine salt. Online Rock Salt has chartered a ship from Egypt to bring the salt to the docks at Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. The ship set sail on the 8th and will arrive on the 19th of September.

​A product that is equally as effective as rock salt at de-icing is white marine salt.

Some supplies of white salt are very fine and this can jam spreaders. The salt we have secured is granulated and treated with an anti-caking agent so it can be spread easily by any spreader. White salt is actually a purer product than rock salt and has the added advantage of not containing any marlstone (the substance which gives rock salt its traditional red/brown colour) it can be used in areas where staining might be a problem e.g. schools, hospitals and shopping centres.

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