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Get the latest news and information on our salt supplies right here, we will be sure to update this page whenever a new shipment is due to arrive. Check out our rock salt products here:

October 18th 2018:

Our next shipment of salt is currently on it's way to us from Egypt. Our latest order is due to arrive on the 5th of November and will ensure that we will have plenty of rock salt to go around for the winter months! 

November 14th 2011

Rock salt stocks remain in plentiful supply and after a busy October we are going into winter well stocked. Our new distribution point in Glasgow is proving popular and allowing for fast and competitive supply to all Scottish postcodes. This together with grit salt stores in Liverpool and Litchfield provide fast national coverage.

One further Egyptian shipment of white de-icing salt is due to arrive at Ellesmere Port on Wednesday 16th November and this secures stocks into the new year. Weather forecasts are suggesting we will have some frosts during the first half of December.

September 2nd 2011

Our latest shipment has arrived today from Egypt of white marine salt. We are packing this into 10kg bags along with large packs and bulk bags ready for the winter.

Many customers are already planning ahead for the cold winter months, taking delivery of salt early and maximising cost savings by buying before demand increases.

If you would like to talk to us about buying salt early please get in touch we would be happy to hear from you.

January 28th 2011

This week we have had a further shipment of salt into ourselves and the bagging operation is going well. If any more bad weather comes we will have plenty of bagged salt in stock ready for immediate dispatch. We recommend ordering early keeping some salt in stock just in case we have another cold snap.

It’s hard to believe with the winter we have had but it is still only January!

January 4th 2011

The latest shipment of Egyptian salt has arrived and we are working hard to bag it as quickly as possible. Additionally we now also have brown rock salt in stock too. 

We offer full, half or quarter pallets of de-icing salt in bags of 25kg, for users who would like to order loose loads, please get in touch before hand.

Any questions?  If so, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01695 425 038 during normal office hours. Order your rock salt online now. Click here to see our rock salt products. Order now and qualify for free next day delivery throughout mainland UK.

December 6th 2010

Another large shipment of white salt is due to arrive shortly on the 8th of December and another further large shipment is also due on the 20th. Everyone at Online Rock Salt is working hard to ensure that we are able to keep up with the incredibly high demand despite the early cold snap this year. 

This new order of salt comes at an ideal time as our new robotic bagging line has just been installed to help us keep up with demand! learn more and see our video from behind the scenes here:

If you are interested in buying large quantities of white or rock salt, click here to view our salt products page or if you prefer, give our friendly staff a call during office hours on 01695 425 038. We also now offer grit bins, which is an ideal method for storing and monitoring your salt stock levels, so you never get caught empty handed if a cold snap arrives.

November 25th 2010

We are pleased to announce that another large shipment of white salt has just arrived all the way from Egypt (25th November) and a further shipment is due to arrive from Eastern Europe in the next couple of weeks to increase our rock salt stock even further for the winter ahead. We will post further updates as the next shipment of salt nears.

If you are interested in buying large bulk quantities of rock salt, view our products here or feel free to give us a call on 01695 425 038.

Please note that all orders arrive on palletized bags of 25kg, if you need your order of rock salt to be delivered loose, please let us know before hand to arrange a bulk bag delivery.

October 8th 2010

Our second shipment of white salt should be with us later on today. It would have been with us yesterday but the ship suffered technical problems (fuel and water do not mix well!).

If you are interested in buying large quantities of white salt, please call Ian Mercer on 01695 425 038.

Sep 28th 2010

After a phenomenally successful week we have sold or committed to sell all of the salt brought in from Egypt. The demand for salt this year is staggering so we’ve taken the plunge and a second shipment is on its way, this time from Sardinia.

The ship MV Rheinfels left yesterday and is due in to Ellesmere Port early next month.

Online Rock Salt strongly recommends that you order early to beat the winter rush and guarantee supplies.

September 13th 2010

The ship delivery our salt to us from Egypt is now well on the way. If you would like to track exactly where it is or find out a little more about the vessel itself visit this link.

To see the ships navigational progress imposed on a Google map click on the Latitude / Longitude coordinates shown and you will be directed to a map showing our ships progress.

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