Will It Snow This Year? When Will It Snow In The UK?

The question on everybody’s lips as summer draws to a close is will it snow this year? As we come into early November, the average temperature throughout the UK is abnormally mild. Despite the long nights setting earlier, try and enjoy it whilst you can as some reports from claim that this respite may be short-lived, with bitterly cold winds from the east due to arrive in the coming weeks.

WX charts features an interactive map of the world (you can change the region for a forecast of a specific country) that highlights temperature, precipitation and even cloud activity weeks in advance and is powered by MetDesk.

When reports of snow start to hit the UK snow map: http://uksnowmap.com/ offers a fantastic interactive map that allows you to upload your own photos & reports – enabling you to get the news fast as soon as the first snowflake hits the ground.

At Online Rock Salt, we believe it is always better to be prepared for the eventuality of snow rather than try to predict whether or not it is going to happen, which is why we recommend always having a healthy supply of rock salt present on your premises.

Rock salt does not expire for many years and can be easily stored in a grit bin or even in its original packaging if you opt for packaged rock salt.

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