Snowed Under

The recent snow and ice has meant the Online Rock Salt office has been very busy. As temperatures dipped to -7 in some areas the office was inundated with orders from people desperately needing rock salt.

The Met Office even issued a rare red warning for parts of Wales, whilst the rest of the country was put on amber alert as the conditions worsened. Drivers were forced to abandon their vehicles on the M6 and many airports had to ground their planes. However, Online Rock Salt’s preparations before the winter ensured that we were able to get supplies out to customers in the quickest possible time. Our distribution points across the country meant that we could get salt anywhere in the country for next day delivery. Our partners, Salt & Grit Solutions, also welcomed a new shipment of white salt into Glasgow in time to banish the snow and ice.

Despite such a rush on rock salt in recent weeks we still have plenty of supplies to see us through to spring and some warmer weather and although the weather has turned milder forecasters are tentatively predicting another cold snap at the end of February. Whatever the weather may bring Online Rock Salt will be prepared for when the snow and ice return.

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