Online Rock Salt Beats the Cold Snap

With temperatures set to plummet this weekend, the timing couldn’t be better for two new ship loads of white de-icing salt to arrive in the UK for Online Rock Salt. The ships will be bringing marine white salt into Glasgow’s King George V docks and Ellesmere Port for distribution around the country.

The Cosa and Fesco Shatrova sailed out of Alexandria, Egypt on October 11th and after 12 days of sailing will reach their destinations. Typically, each ship brings 8,000 to 12,000 tons of salt into the country. Once they have arrived the white salt will be offloaded and packed into bags by Online Rock Salt’s dedicated team, right there on the dockside. These bags of de-icing salt will then be sold to the general public and trade through Online Rock Salt’s specialised website.

We an plan the ships arrival but not the weather, so this really is perfect timing as the forecast for the weekend suggests that winter is well and truly on its way.

Ian Mercer, MD.

The marine white salt has to come from Egypt as it is a natural product that requires hot climates to produce. Sea water is evaporated in under the hot sun in large lakes, leaving behind salt deposits. Archaeology suggests that this process has been taking place for over 8,000 years, as remains of ancient salt works have been found in Romania and China. The white salt sold by Online Rock Salt maintains this ancient industry whilst helping to melt the snow and ice covering the UK’s roads in winter.

Online Rock Salt is dedicated to making sure the country is prepared for whatever the weather can throw at the country. In recent years winters in the UK have been severe and it is the responsibility of everyone, not just the councils and Highways Agency, to make sure that they are ready for a prolonged cold snap. Do not hesitate to contact the staff at Online Rock Salt on 01695 425038 for more information, or go on the website to stock up on your winter supplies!

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