New de-icing salt arrives at Ellesmere Port for Online Rock Salt

Online Rock Salt has announced its latest shipment of white de-icing salt into Ellesmere Port, continuing a successful year of de-icing salt imports to the UK and significantly increasing their salt stocks for the winter.

Sailing directly from Alexandria, Egypt to the Online Rock Salt dedicated bagging facility at Ellesmere Port, the ‘Flinter Atlantic’ arrived late in the night on 26th November carrying 12,000 tons of salt. The company has responded to the recent extreme winters by ensuring that its customer base is well supplied this year, holding more bagged salt than any previous winter. The new shipment of salt will create over a million bags of salt. If you were to lay these bags from end to end, they could fill a line from London to Glasgow!

Unloading straight from the ship’s hold onto the quayside, a mountain of salt 80 metres long and 10 metres high ensued a busy day for all at the dock. At an unloading rate of 500 tonnes an hour, a good system needs to be in place! A power shovel was used to move the salt to the hoppers of the two onsite bagging machines.

At an unloading rate of 500 tonnes an hour, a good system needs to be in place!

Coming to inspect the stock after its arrival, M.D. Ian Mercer was pleased to see his staff hard at work. Bagging both bulk bags and pallets of large packs made sure everyone had plenty to do, adding to the already healthy stockpile of goods that is ready and awaiting dispatch direct to customers. “We’re aware that the main priority for our customers is having the goods ready for when and where they need the salt. Regular shipments like this can be a risk, but it’s one we’re willing to take it if means that we can provide our goods across the country when they’re needed,” Ian commented.

Twenty hours after its arrival, the ‘Flinter Atlantic’ was unloaded and ready to set sail to its next destination. Meanwhile, work is still continuing on the quayside 24 hours a day to bag, palletise and wrap the mountain of salt that has been deposited, all the while continuing to load delivery vehicles with goods to be delivered all over the UK.

With the ‘Flinter Atlantic’ being the 7th ship to deliver white de-icing salt to Online Rock Salt this year alone, the company is better prepared than ever for the impending icy weather.

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